Core Values

Delivering innovative and cost effective construction solutions to your business.

Our core values help differentiate us from our competitors. These values were originally established as long ago as 1971 when the business was first created, and we pride ourselves on strong family principles of trust, honesty and respect. Such values have stood the test of time and are as strong today as they were when we were established, providing leadership and direction to the way we conduct our business.

The following constructs feature within our core values:

  • Value for money. We have successfully applied value engineering and whole life costing principles to our extensive civil and building construction portfolio. This has resulted in the delivery of innovative, value added and practical solutions to complex engineering projects for our clients.
  • Excellent safety and environment track record. Our historical track record on safety and environmental performance speaks for itself where we have had no reportable events over the last six years. This has been achieved by applying a strong management lead and a ‘don’t walk by’ culture. We are particularly familiar with the application of a rigorous hazard identification process and the application of effective control measures documented within bespoke safe systems of work and environmental management plans.
  • Demonstrating loyalty to our valued clients. We passionately believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. This is achieved by being responsive to the clients needs, being reliable in terms of how projects are delivered, being reassuring when action needs to be taken to address shortfalls as well as demonstrating empathy at all times with client expectations. We have found that demonstrating such loyalty has helped secure lasting customer relationships and further work opportunities.
  • Quality standards. We deliver on quality by putting our focus firmly on our customers and are inspired to take extreme pride on delivering the best possible quality standards to our customers. We invest time and resources in getting to know our customers needs and then apply this understanding by developing bespoke construction solutions. Post project reviews are used to capture customer and delivery team feedback, and such learning opportunities are applied to improve our systems and procedures. Our focus on the delivery of projects to the highest quality standards is reflected within various accreditations including:
  • Quality management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OH SAS 18001.
  • Constructionline.
  • Considerate Constructor.
  • CHAS.
  • IS Networld
  • Collaborative working. We passionately believe that by demonstrating trust and integrity in everything that we do helps endure us to our clients. We are extremely familiar with various forms of contract and are able to naturally apply collaborative working methods to contracts in line with client demands and condition of contract requirements. We firmly believe that client and stakeholder engagement are a natural way for us to conduct our business.
  • People management. Our workforce is our most valuable resource and we ensure that all members of staff are managed at all times within a cohesive family environment. By applying life-long learning opportunities with particular emphasis on training and development as well as succession planning our people are able to achieve their full potential and feel valued. This results in the following benefits for our employees, our business and our clients:
    • Increased safety and environmental performance.
    • 100% quality compliance.
    • Immense pride associated with a motivated and engaged workforce.
    • A genuine competitive advantage forJones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd.
  • Innovation. We take extreme pride in formally applying learning opportunities from all our completed projects as well as wider learning experience from across the construction sector. This enables us to deliver imaginative and cost effective construction solutions. Our broad and extensive portfolio of knowledge in civil engineering and building construction is a catalyst towards applying a challenging mind-set and inquisitive approach to any new project. We have also extensive experience on design and build contracts where value engineering and whole life costing principles are applied in a timely manner.
  • Community engagement.?Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd are passionate about engaging with and supporting the communities in which we operate. We will always engage those affected by our construction projects and ensure that their views are taken into account in how the work gets done. Other initiatives include:
    • Supporting local charities and good causes.
    • Sponsoring local sport teams and events.
    • Taking part in wider community engagement initiatives. These include road-shows, attending community council meetings and customer letter drops.
  • Sustainability commitment. Having traded for over 40 years we fully recognise that a sustainability focus makes complete sense for our business, the environment we work in, our community and for our customers. By working in partnership with the community we strive to achieve beneficial outcomes and legacies that exist long after our project teams have moved on. We achieve this by delivering our sustainability commitment with integrity, honesty and sensitivity. Sustainability forJones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd is about working in a way today which enriches local communities, helps boosts commerce and is something our business can look back on with pride and a sense of achievement.